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Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft is a leading cloud service provider for businesses around the world. The Microsoft 365 product line includes several hosted offerings such as Hosted Exchange, Teams, Sharepoint, and Active Directory Services. This product line is powerful, but proper implementation is critical to keeping your business and data safe in a public cloud environment.


Virtual Innovation helps clients properly implement Microsoft Cloud Services. Proper implementation includes selecting the right products and licensing model, migrating data, securing the environment, and training users for optimal usage. We work with Microsoft/Office 365, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and other Hosted services from Microsoft. 

Microsoft 365:

Our services include:

  • Choosing the right deployment strategy.

  • The development of conditional access policies.

  • Building the proper monitoring and logging strategy.

  • Protecting user accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication.


We can help you implement Microsoft 365 and Cloud Services confidently and take advantage of these powerful products. Suppose you have already deployed one or more Hosted services from Microsoft. In that case, we can help assess the deployment to ensure that your system is secured properly, and implemented according to Microsoft and industry “best practices.”


Please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for more information.

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