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Shot of a Working Data Center With Rows of Rack Servers Connected with Ethernet Connection

Virtual Innovation consultants have significant experience in designing and implementing information technology solutions for organizations of all types. We specialize in server, desktop, storage and network solutions using leading products in the IT industry. Our systems are designed with security, availability and recovery in mind. And, we support many different applications and processing environments for our clients. Our key partners are Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Cisco, and Dell. Our systems can be accessed any time, any place, and from any type of device. 


Most of our clients employ virtual server and virtual desktop technology to support their systems and applications. Virtual solutions are cost-effective, and are typically more secure, available and recoverable. 


Virtual desktop technologies offer: 

1. improved security 

2. better availability

3. faster recovery

4. improved manageability 


Virtual desktop technologies are cost-effective for those companies desiring: 

1. keep staffing costs down 

2. require mobility 

3. secure remote access for employees. 


We help our clients with patch management and network security strategy. The Virtual desktop protects systems from unauthorized access and the many threats in the IT world.


And, when something terrible happens, systems must be recoverable. We help our clients with backup and recovery strategies ranging from desktop backup to data center recovery. Backup and replication strategies are a core part of what we do. Backup is essential, but the ability to recover is what is critical. We use a variety of technologies to help ensure that recovery objectives are complete.

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