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Virtual Innovation is very much a “hands-on” company. However, much of what we do is helping our customers develop and enhance their information technology and security posture through strategic planning. Good IT/IS programs require lots of strategy from experienced and trained experts. Our consultants have many years of experience helping financial institutions making their systems more secure, available and recoverable.


We have experienced bank managers, technology officers and security officers on staff. We have operating system, communication, virtualization and security experts on our team. Our consultants can help clients design, plan and implement the systems and processes that help make them more secure and available. 


We can help our clients with their overall IT/IS strategy.  Or, we can assist with individual pieces of the puzzle. Here are some of the areas where we can help you with planning and design:


Software Applications

• Product selection, installation and security

• Integration with various products and services

• System upgrades and support

• Access strategy

• Patch management



• Strategy

• License and version management

• Procurement


Information Technology Strategy

• Assistance with product and service selection

• Network assessment

• System design and implementation
   according to “best practices.”

• Virtualization – Server and Desktop strategy

• Communications system (LAN/WAN)
   design and implementation

• Short and long-term “plan” development

Information Security Program Strategy

• Information security program and policy development

• Risk assessment

• IT audit and regulatory examination management

• IT audit and examination response/remediation

• Product selection (controls)

• Business continuity planning

• System monitoring and reporting

• Incident response plan development


Recovery Strategy

• Backup and replication solutions

• DR site selection and setup

• Recovery testing and documentation

Cloud Services

• Microsoft Office 365 Migration

• Security Services

• Azure Active Directory and AD Connect

• Cloud Hosting

• Cloud Backup

• Software as a Service (SaaS)

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