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Financial services and health care companies are under increasing pressure to cut costs and improve business agility while maintaining secure and reliable systems. Virtual Innovation uses products from leading vendors like Dell, Microsoft, VMware, and Veeam to help clients increase system availability, cut costs, and make systems more recoverable. Whether in the data center or at the desktop, virtual technology has changed data protection and delivery across the industry. The IT experts at Virtual Innovation can help you find the virtualization solution that meets your needs and budget. 


Benefits of Server Virtualization

 •  Increased hardware utilization (up to 80%)

 •  Reduced hardware through consolidation

 •  Capital and operating costs reduced (up to 50%)

 •  Improvements in system availability and recovery

 •  Better tools to make management
     more straightforward and less costly.


Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

 •  Centralized management and control over desktops

 •  Increased security and data protection

 •  Reduced Windows OS migration costs

 •  Ability to support various hardware devices (BYOD)

 •  Consistent user experience for mobile users

 •  Extends the useful life of system endpoints
     (desktops, laptops, and thin clients).

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