To build secure and reliable systems that help clients meet their business needs.
To serve our customers by helping to make their systems more secure, available and recoverable.
Why do we do it?
Networks are more and more complex, and the threats against them are constantly increasing.  Companies need help from trusted and reliable people to be confident that their systems will be safe and available when they need them.

We strive to...

  • ensure that each client has the appropriate technology and security solutions to meet their business needs.

  • match technology solutions with a client’s confidentiality, integrity and availability needs.

  • provide clients with quality service from experienced, highly trained consultants that take great pride in their work.

  • support each other and to be good teammates.

  • ensure that security, availability and recovery are considered in every solution that we provide for clients.

Core Values:

  • We give glory to God, and try to be good stewards of the opportunities and resources that He gives us.

  • We must be knowledgeable and competent in the solutions and service that we provide.

  • We enjoy serving our clients, and take pride in our work.

  • We are loyal to our clients, our partners and to each other.

  • We must instill confidence in our clients that we will be there for them when they need us.

  • We show our customers that we are capable of solving their technical problems within a reasonable time.

  • We are deeply concerned for the well-being of our clients.

  • We enjoy learning and do our best to stay current with changes in information technology and security.

  • We try to be community leaders and to find ways to serve others and our communities.


132 Venturi Drive

Chesterton, Indiana 46304


Eric Kroeger

T: 219-405-6533


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