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Virtual Innovation delivers solutions that operate at the intersection of regulation and commerce. Our vendor partners are the best of breed.  And, our customers have heavy security and availability needs, and span banking, financial, health care and engineering firms.

Business Meeting

Virtual Innovation participates in numerous vendor programs and industry groups. 

We maintain the following key partnerships:

• VMware Enterprise Partner

• Cisco Partner

• Dell Premier Partner

• Infotex

• Arizona Bankers Associate Member

• Indiana Bankers Associate Member

• Illinois Bankers Associate Member

• Veeam Professional Partner

• Microsoft Partner

• Symantec Partner

• Hewlett Packard Partner

• CompTIA Member

Virtual Innovation is very selective in its partners, and chooses partners with similar values and focus. VI ensures that they adhere to industry best practices relating to quality and security, and that they adequately show their ongoing commitment to information security. The Company continually monitors its partners and their products and shall make changes when needed.



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