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Virtual Information Security Officer.

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Overview: As  information security has become a top priority for companies of all shapes and sizes, many have developed a position called the Information Security Officer (ISO). Financial institutions are required to have an Information Security Officer, and best practices says that the ISO cannot pull double-duty as the network administrator (even in smaller organizations). Since, not every company can afford to pay a full-time, “qualified” person in the ISO role, many companies use a “virtual” Information Security Officer (vISO) as an alternative. 

A virtual Information Security Officer is typically a contract employee or a consultant that helps fill the gaps in the IS team. The vISO can help with:

• Information security program development

• Policy development

• Control implementation

• Incident response

• Vendor management

• Management reporting

• Risk assessment

• Information security strategy

• Vulnerability management

• IT Audit remediation

Virtual Innovation has been helping financial institutions and healthcare companies develop and enhance their information security programs (ISPs) since 2010. We are part of the team that supports senior management with an information security strategy for larger organizations. In smaller organizations, we can "act" in the role of the information security officer and help with the day-to-day protection of the information systems and resources. Even though the concept of the vISO is relatively new, we have been providing the vISO service to clients from the beginning. We built our company around “virtual” solutions.

Our Approach:

Based on the size and complexity of the organization and considering budget and requirements, we help our clients develop the information security program that fits their exact needs. Once created, we can stay on as “part of the team” to ensure that the program and processes are correct. In some cases, we help the company hire or develop information security professionals. In other cases, we play an active role in the operation and management of the program. We assist with system monitoring, management reporting, incident response, and testing information security processes and controls. Many of our clients feel that having access to outside experts is less costly and offers more stability than maintaining an internal staff of information security professionals.  We can help develop the information security strategy that fits your needs and your budget. 

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