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2022 Indiana Bankers Association Security & Technology Conference

Recently, Virtual Innovation had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Indiana Bankers Association Security and Technology Conference in Indianapolis. It was a great conference put on by the IBA, and it was well attended both by bankers and exhibitors. President Eric Kroeger stated, “We find this conference to be one of the best in the Midwest. It is always timely, and we get the opportunity to discuss relevant cyber security issues with interested and concerned bankers." “We have done this event for many years, and really enjoy being a part of it.”

The conference combines both Digital and Physical Security themes. One of the key messages coming from the experts was that we should expect to see (even) more of a merger of digital and physical security.

According to Jason Mikolanis, “there was a lot of focus on knowing your network”. “Plan and test as much as possible. Continue to identify risk, map controls, and strategize to mitigate risk”, he went on to say.

Virtual Innovation sponsored lunch on the first day, and Jason Mikolanis and DJ Strom led a lunch roundtable discussion centered around Event Detection and Response (EDR) software. According to DJ, “people were very interested in hearing implementation stories and about best practices”. “There is no doubt that people want better reporting and response, but I could tell that they were nervous about having one more thing to learn and monitor as they are already spread pretty thin”, he continued. “But, EDR software should ultimately reduce the stress on the IT groups, as the protection and reporting is significantly better than what they have now” stated Jason.

The IBA Security Conference provides excellent opportunities to exchange ideas and get inside information about the latest technologies and cybersecurity trends. It was a great week!

For information on security products and services offered by Virtual Innovation, please contact Jason Mikolanis or Eric Kroeger at 219-405-6533.


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