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Microsoft 365:What's New this year in FORMS & LISTS.

As Virtual Innovation moves into 2022, we are always looking at what's to come in Microsoft 365. The Microsoft Forms Portal page has received general experience updates.


As we see it, Microsoft is hoping to make your Forms experience more intuitive with these updates:

  • You will be able to find "create forms" vs. "create a quiz" separately

  • Microsoft will highlight templates on the portal page

  • The overall structure and tabs on the new portal page have been refined so you can find "my forms" much easier

  • Collections will be easy to locate under the "My forms" tab


Custom list templates. MS365's new feature will support the addition of custom list templates from your organization alongside the ready-made templates. Microsoft wants to make it easy to get started tracking and managing information.

Partner with VI today to keep up-to-date on MS365 and find out how we can help you attain your goals.

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