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Next-Gen Anti-Virus Solutions

As part of Virtual Innovation's strategy to protect network resources, VI is constantly researching best-in-class solutions to better protect your organization against cyberattacks. After reviewing several options for the new generation of Endpoint Protection solutions (AKA Anti-virus/Anti-malware solutions), we have chosen Carbon Black Endpoint from Vmware as our preferred solution. Here are our findings.

One of the most significant benefits of Carbon Black Endpoint is the wealth of information that it provides. With the information provided, A system administrator or a security specialist can dig deep into the details of any attack or suspicious activity to monitor and account for every change in the intrusion “kill chain”. The system provides a ton of log information, and the data can be integrated with other log and event information collected by your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution. This offering is often referred to as Event Detection and Reporting, or EDR.

Carbon Black provides several tools that strengthen your IT network defense. You can lock down your endpoints with policies that reduce the risk of infection or attack. You can quickly evaluate where threats are most frequently coming from (like emails or websites) and perform actions to strengthen your security posture. We refer to this as “defense-in-depth”.

Carbon Black can accelerate your information technology (IT) or security (IS) team's mean time to resolution (MTTR). MTTR measures the time it takes to get a threat under control. The faster your team can find and fix an issue, the lower the risk and cost to the organization.

In addition to providing Endpoint Protection, Vmware’s Carbon Black team offers additional products and services. Carbon Black provides real-time monitoring as an option. This extends the IT/IS team in your organization. Carbon Black also offers Audit and Remediation as a service. This includes detection, response, remediation and forensic review in the event of an attack at your organization Some of these services are add-ons, and may be geared toward larger organizations. But, Vmware’s Carbon Black solution offers a great solution for companies of all sizes. Vmware allows you to evolve your security as your business needs change over time.

Contact your Virtual Innovation security specialist, or call us at 219-405-6533 for more information. Carbon Black product information can be found at https/


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