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SEAMLESSLY: Secure and Access your Information

Banking and Financial services institutions comprise various internal departments typically characterized by voluminous data, numerous stakeholders, and hierarchies. Similarly, the Insurance industry is associated with multiple specific activities that generate an enormous amount of information at different levels. Handling such cases and providing the correct information to the right people at the right time; becomes a significant challenge for these organizations.


  • Establish and manage a single repository that holds crucial information such as handling policies, financial guidelines, document trails, etc.

  • Interactions and communication must be collaborative, especially for employees in different locations.

  • Information security and adherence to regulations.

  • Claims servicing involves multiple data collection, document management, and collaborated workflow.

At VI, we understand the intricacies associated with the industry, which has helped us to map business needs with technology. SharePoint for Banking provides a solution for financial organizations to manage their information better and keep multiple stakeholders in sync to achieve their competitive advantage.

  • Custom workflow solutions for Loan Processing, Wealth Management, and Case Management.

  • Account opening process, FOREX reporting process, "Operational Risk incidents" reporting process, compliance query process.

  • Regulatory and compliance solution: Audit trails of secure content, collect risk information on capital investments and route for approval to risk managers.

  • Document Capture and Integration: transaction records, checks, remittances, receipts.

  • Collaboration solutions for independent/captive brokers/agents.

  • Content Management solutions for storage

  • Retention and Archival needs.

Partner with VI today to keep up-to-date on MS365/Sharepoint and find out how we can help you attain your goals.


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